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A little
about me

My name is Victoria Scott and I’m a Trichologist who trained with the Institute of Trichologists London.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry and a Salon Owner at the age of 23, I have trained as an NVQ assessor and achieved Wella Master Colour expert status!

I have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to all aspects of hair and scalp health.

As a noted “hair geek”, conferences research studies and continuous professional development are my hobby’s. By researching and ensuring the best education, I can help my patients understand and manage their conditions complaints and disorders.


what is it?

Trichology is the science and study of the hair and scalp, there diseases and disorders.

Within this field as a Trichologist and a highly trained scalp health professional, we aim to diagnose and treat conditions such as hair loss, premature thinning and miniaturization, to hair shaft conditions and disorders, we also diagnose and treat a variety of scalp concerns and conditions, including mild to chronic scaling.

With at home therapies available and links to online Pharmaceuticals and hair care essentials.

We also refer to GP/Dermatology with infectious or scarring conditions we suspect are present.

Fagron DNA testing

Hair loss is a multifactorial condition determined by a combination of both genetic and extrinsic factors. Fagron Trichotest analyzes these, and provides a fully personalised treatment approach. A once in a lifetime test, as genetics will not vary throughout your life.

A full report with the explanation of your genetic characteristics and there relation with the treatment will be provided. Fagron Trichotest can be used by:

  • Everyone who wants to understand how their genetics affect alopecia treatment.
  • Patients with a family history of hair loss.
  • Men and women who have tried different treatments with few or no success.

How I can help you

I care

We are Health Care Professionals, that take a holistic approach to your consultation and treatment.

I diagnose

As Trichologists, we have a duty of care to thoroughly examine and consult with our patients, a correct diagnosis can make all the difference to recovery and referral.

I refer

If referral is required, we refer into GP services, Dermatology (privately or via GP) and other health care services, these include Wellbeing and Nutrition, Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Replacement services.

Your consultation explained

    • A thorough health history is taken, including any existing or previous Medical conditions.
    • Current medications, this will be thoroughly examined to aid in diagnosis/treatment.
    • Nutritional information may be taken, including supplementation being administered.
    • Hair processes will be addressed where appropriate.
    • A thorough examination of the scalp and hair will occur, this can be done via means of intense magnification, this is achieved digitally with a device called a Trichoscope or Dermatoscope, this device allows us to take pictures and measurements more clearly, and stores them for measuring treatment efficacy, and for use when referrals are required.
    • Hair samples can be examined under a Microscope, this can clearly show clinical features specific to many disorders and conditions.
    • After initial information and examinations, referral may occur, to the patients GP or privately to another Health Professional, including Transplant Surgeon/Clinics where required.

      This could be for blood tests in suspect Anaemia, or treatment for Ringworm, it could also be a referral to see a Dermatologist, sent via the GP in cases where scarring Alopecia’s for example could be suspect.
    • A Preliminary Diagnosis may be made, but further investigation may be required in complex situations, this will be explained during consultation, as a consultation lasts only 1-1.5 hours, and timing may not allow this during the initial consultation.
    • All referral letters/emails are included in the consultation fee and are sent direct via email/post to the patient to either give to their GP or send/give to another Therapist or person(s) involved.
    • Referral can also occur for Nutritional Guidance, Mental Health and Wellbeing services, Wig and Postiche supply/fitting, we have online Pharmacy’s and online providers for all your Hair Loss Medications, Camouflage products and Supplement requirements, even styling equipment and Hairdressing services can be recommended or referred upon patient request.

    • A thorough health history is taken, including any existing or previous Medical conditions.
    • Current medications will be addressed, including previous medications and supplementations relevant, to aid in diagnosis/treatment.
    • Nutritional information may be taken, including diet and supplementation, our intake of nutrients can have a multitude of effects on our hair and scalp health.
    • Hair processes will be addressed where appropriate, the scalp and hair may be examined, and causative factors can be identified, and were appropriate removed.

    • Do not wash your hair on the day of your appointment, two days before is suffice.
    • Write anything down prior to appointment you deem important or necessary, this could be information such as when did it start? Have the symptoms changed and when? Or even familial/genetic information you may think important, this will be addressed in the consultation, but often important information can be forgotten on the day, due to nerves or stress.
    • Consultations are private, if you feel you need help and support, please feel free to bring along anyone that can help you.
    • Bring any recent blood test results with you if you have a copy.
    • Finally bring Yourself, with a smile

Children and the
trichology clinic

Conditions can be more prevalent in children and can be a huge worry for parents and the child in question, correct diagnosis of a child’s condition early, can prevent unnecessary suffering for all concerned.

The GP is always our first recommendation, but often their trichological knowledge, unless they have dermatology experience maybe minimal.

We can consult with you to either confirm the diagnosis that has been given, or after a thorough examination we may find something that our over stretched NHS may have missed, it can happen, some conditions can mimic another, a holistic approach must be taken, to aid correct referral to other professional bodies/practitioners, for correct diagnosis/treatment and prognosis.

Contact : Victoria Scott AIT


Prices and Services


£80 Initial consultation for 1-1.5 hrs

£35 30-45 minutes follow up appointments


£45 Initial consultation up to 1hr

£30 30-45 minutes follow up appointments

What does the service include?

All the above includes microscopic magnification, photography/measurements and analysis, referral and personalized treatment/management plans.

Follow up appointments or annual reviews include microscopic evaluation, when necessary.

Topical therapies available to purchase, including preparations ordered bespoke for the individual, or online pharmacy referral, post initial consultation.

Bespoke personalised electro therapy treatments available, post initial consultation P.O.A, due to bespoke timing/requirements.

Lifestyle pharmacy



Affiliated with some of the top hair transplant surgeons globally. If you need advice regarding the correct pathway, then contact us at info@ectrichology.co.uk for further information.

Institute of trichologists
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